Monday, 30 November 2009

I never said I was a role model

Crappy day today... Got offered a job but it's not the one I wanted so... I kindly declined. I refuse to work for arseholes and commit to a lifetime of arse licking unless it's purely for my own pleasure.

Question at the interview:
-So, Man about Town, which one would be your favourite position?
- Reverse Cowboy, you ass, so that I don't have to see your shit face.

I'm a bit angry again today.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

new home

...and I need an extra room for the emotional baggage.

Friday, 20 November 2009

the REALLY REALLY wrong side of the bed

OK, please ignore everything I said last night, at least after the definition of romance. I’ve been reviewing our conversation and I can hardly believe I said all that stuff, most of which I didn’t even believe. I was both hung over and inebriated, which makes a terrible combo. And in that state I’m prone to saying stupid things. God! I’m so angry at myself!! Why didn’t you stop me? I came out all wrong. Where to begin? Me having an agenda? At some point in my life I think I was voted “Least likely to adhere to an agenda”! I’m probably the most unpredictable person I know! Spreadsheets and comparisons between x-lovers? That’s not at all what I meant. I did kind of think that we got on better together than I did with most of my exes, but I only realized that over the past few days. I wasn’t like holding you up as a standard whenever I met someone! In fact, before I contacted you, I hadn’t thought about you in years! That might be cruel to say, but heck! It’s the truth! I admit that I like both the way you think and the way you look, but that’s as far as it goes.
Your visit and our “re-acquaintance” should be something fun and simple, and if something were to happen between us, it should be completely spontaneous. But now I’ve gone and complicated things as usual. Good clean fun might have just gone out of the window. I’M SO ANGRY AT MYSELF! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuckity-fuck! Ignore the whole last night. Please. I shouldn’t have been talking in the state I was. And you shouldn’t be encouraging me. Now I’m ashamed of myself. I almost think I shouldn’t talk to you any more until you get here. Fuckin’ vodka mojitos. I just want to kick an old lady in the teeth! GAWD!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Δεν μου αρέσουν οι αληθινοί άνθρωποι.

Προτιμώ τους ηλεκτρονικούς.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

london psycho

MaT to Ted*
...μη δινεις σημασια στην περιεργη αντιδραση που ειχα στο τηλεφωνο ειναι που σημερα I'm loaded with complex carbohydrates.
Kαι ισως το γεγονος οτι εχω ακουσει 14 φορες αυτο το τραγουδι

Ted* to MaT
1. Ευχάριστο κομματάκι. Θύμισε μου να το παίξω στο γάμο μου!
7. I have no idea what complex carbohydrates do. You could have just as easily said to me: “I almost sprained my eyebrow yesterday, but luckily I had eaten complex carbohydrates” and I might have believed it.
47,5. Τουλάχιστον δεν έχεις ακούσει 14 φορές ΑΥΤΟ το τραγούδι
4+x=ψ. Σιγά σιγά συνηθίζω στις περίεργες αντιδράσεις σου! Τώρα αυτό είναι καλό ή κακό;;;

Α τουτ α λ’ έρ

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

woof! (2)

...σου δαγκώνω το χέρι, χώνομαι ανάμεσα στα πόδια σου, σε μυρίζω,γλείφομαι μπροστά στο στόμα σου.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

the wolseley 9.45am

-Η μάνα σου έχει καταστρέψει πολύ κόσμο.
-Ποιούς εννοείς;
-Έχει καταστρέψει εσένα, που έχεις καταστρέψει πολυ κόσμο.

Monday, 2 November 2009

και τώρα τι;

σα να βάλαμε ν'ακούσουμε ένα δίσκο και χάσαμε το πρώτο τραγούδι.
εσύ δεν μπορείς να ξεχάσεις το τραγούδι που δεν άκουσες κι εγώ περιμένω το bonus track στο τέλος.